I might be an odd ball here, but am I the only one who has found otk awkard at times?????

It seems every time we’ve tried the otk position the spanking has been awkward, uncomfortable, and somehow forced. But not today!!!!! I feel like we’re moving forward again. yea!!!!

After I wrote J the letter, it felt like he backed off and I wasn’t sure why. I would get spanked a couple times a day for a day or two and then I’d go a week or so. Now I know everyone is thinking that’s pretty normal but I got to tell you . We’re sooo new at this and I do not have my attitude and my mouth under control and our “normal” would be my butt getting busted just about everyday. Which I guess I never thought about that being the reason for “leather butt” anywhooo back to my post. So yesterday I got TWO spankings in one day. And they HURT!!!!!!!  they hurt enough that I thought my attitude was better today…LOL that’s what I get for thinking. No seriously J got onto me this morning with no spanking but tonight , we were watching tv when the baby started fussing upstairs. I headed up to get her and J’s says, “hey, bring the paddle down when you come”. I wanted to argue sooo bad because I hadn’t really done anything , but I’ve really been working on submitting to the spankings when where and how J says.  I thought I’d be funny and I brought our smaller otk paddle down instead of our larger one. J was a little thrown off at first , but his attitude was like “fine, you want it this way” ….which I didn’t really think he’d do since it hasn’t worked for us in the past. But….he did take me OTK and whoooa….I know I say this alot but I seriously got the most intense longest spanking as of yet!!!!! He seriously gave me 20 or 25 swats……I didn’t think he was ever going to stop!!!!! (I’m sitting on a very sore tush)

after the spanking while I was still OTK  he verbally addressed some things, I didnt’ know he had issue with . While it was slightly uncomfortable, as I would have preferred to be sitting up talking,  It still worked for us and it was probably the “best”  Otk session we’ve had.


J also made a new rule after the spanking was over. I am now no longer allowed to drink soda. (*tears*) It’s going to be sheer torture for me. I loooove my soda. I asked J what the consequences would be if I chose to disobey. I think he was irritated I would even think that way so he told me I would get 3 times the amount of spankings I recieved tonight, even if he had to give me the same amount on the hour for 4 hours in a row….EEEEKKKKK!!!! I think I’ll obey!!! Talk about stepping it up!!


9 thoughts on “OTK

  1. Jslittlelady,
    Should I just say, “Yay, for OTK!”? Sounds like a cheer, but it sounds like things are working for you. I laughed this morning when I read your post, because my “tush” was in the same condition. Shall we commiserate? Check out my post, perhaps our husbands are on the same schedule or something! (?) I don’t find OTK awkward, actually, it has only been recently that I’ve wanted/ needed more “over”, but we’re all different. I have not had the experience of Henry telling me to give up something that I love as much as you love soda. He has asked me to curb my computer time, without any clearly defined limits but there are circumstances……. I hope you are able to give it up fairly easily. As a substitute, you might try mixing fruit juice with seltzer. My favorite is a 1/3 OJ, 1/3 Cran-Raspberry Juice and 1/3 orange flavored seltzer. Good Luck- Elysia

    • jslittlelady says:

      J thought he would be funny when I was whining about the soda. He said “alright, I’ll give you a choice. You give up the soda or the internet” He knew the internet is like the one thing I would never be able to give up even more so than my soda, so I just hung my head and said I’d keep my comp time and give over the soda………not going to be easy .

  2. Janet says:

    Okay lets just say that after a year and a half of a DD relationship and no soda being the rule the entire time. I received two punishments last night for drinking soda!!! That’s how hard it has been for me.

    On my defense however when things get really tough my HOH allows me to have one and then its right back to the soda addiction and trying to break it again!!!

    I hope you have better luck then me. It is such a hard habit to break!!!!

    As for OTK. I love it!!! For me I wish all spankings could occur OTK. But for us it is only for warm ups, then off to the edge of the bed for me. I just can feel my HOH’s determination and love when I am OTK. Just my feelings. Good luck on all!

    • jslittlelady says:

      I hope it’s easier for me to drop the soda, but I highly doubt it. For a short time maybe….but I’m not sure long term. I can see myself getting repetitive spankings for this. But I’m trying , so I guess that I’m willing counts for something …….right??

      Most of our spankings occur over the edge of the bed. We have tried other things , but up til the other night the OTK was just akward for me. I have no idea why……but the other night , Now I could be happy with more OTK. Maybe we just hadn’t got it quite right til then

  3. Lil Sam says:

    Hi Jslittlelady,

    Enjoyed your post, sure did bring back some memories. I have come to really love the OTK spankings, they are my favorite.
    I hate it when sailor puts me over the bed, then I know I am really in for it.
    Lil Sam

  4. Karen says:

    Yikes!!!!!! I want to give up soda, but don’t think this is how I prefer to do it. There are just those days that I need a kick in the afternoon and it just goes hand in hand with pizza and tacos. Maybe a tradeoff…..today a soda and no computer, just when absolutely necessary????

    • jslittlelady says:

      well for now he has said on special occasions, he’ll permit if I ask. And for now I’m ok with that. I know what you mean about the extra “kick” though. for me I need it in the mornings the most. There’s nothing I’d rather wake up to than a cold pepsi by my bed. It really has nothing to do with the sugar or the caffiene. I love the fiz and the burn from the carbonation as it goes down. I could probably be a serious drinker if I drank…..LOL . I have a preference for fountain sodas and then cans especially. I better stop talking about them or I”ll be tempted……LOL

  5. Hermione says:

    I for one found OTK to be uncomfortable at first. It isn’t a position we’ve ever used, so it took a bit of getting used to. I enjoy it now. It probably depends on how your bodies fit together. There are plenty of other positions to be spanked in.


  6. jslittlelady says:

    yes Hermione,
    there are many others. He usually prefers over the bed but we did find the OTK to be very beneficial and comfortable this time. I want to try it again

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