These Last Couple Weeks

Have been exhausting but well worth the effort.

First Halloween was great. I got all our costumes done on time. We did a theme and even the kids grandma and grandpa participated. They looked amazing and it was blast. We won a contest!!!! That seriously consumed my time for a couple of weeks prepping everything.


That weekend we made the switch to our new church. At the time I was nervous and a little scared. Ever since we had announced we were leaving, some people, close friends had given us the cold shoulder. Once we left, we had better like it because it felt like we’d never be back. …..which made me sad…all of our married life and longer for J had been spent at this church. We worked with these friends loved them so it hurt, but thankfully all that washed away after one service at the new.  You never imagine yourself to be happier somewhere than where you are till you get there. Now I see bright sunshine and rainbows. Our future here looks bright and that’s exciting!!! We joined last week our second Sunday there but we’re so confident it is where God had just waiting for us.


This week has been busy just adjusting our schedule to theirs and jumping in with two feet so we’ve already got mission’s things and thanksgiving going on…..but happily so!


As far as Dd in the home, I’m struggling at the moment. It’s weird and I don’t know how to get past it. I feel off like J is unhappy,though he says he’s not. I’m not unhappy, just unsettled. I feel like there is more bickering going on than normal and it’s not healthy. My natural instinct is to fix it and not let it get any worse. I hate discord! My birthday is coming up so maybe it will be a good time for us to reconnect. I’m always happy about my birthday….!!!!


I couldn’t resist I talked to him before I posted and I’m hopeful that well be getting on the right track. We’re so happy together about the new church that I’m smiling a lot…so things are going to be looking better where me and him are concerned


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